Stanse at a glance

Stanse was released and is now available in download section.


  • Error-finding tool based on static analysis.
  • Target language is C (ANSI C99), but extensible to C#/C++/Java.
  • Full ANSI C99 support, including most GNU C extensions.
  • Modular structure, easy extensibility, fast development.
  • Easy to use interface and error path inspection.
  • Makefile support and batch execution.

Errors detected

  • Memory allocation errors (null pointers, memory leaks, dangling pointers)
  • Bad locking discipline (double locks/unlocks, locks not released etc.)
  • Interrupt handling (cli/sti-style).
  • And all the errors which can be described by state automata.


The aim of this project is to research, evaluate and implement modern approaches to automatic bug finding for programs written in procedural languages related to C (C/C++/C#/Java). This project is done in close collaboration with ANF DATA (Siemens AG). The goal is to create a software tool which is able to automatically discover some types of bugs in real-life sized projects (e.g. the Linux kernel).