Tool strucure

Stanse is completely written in Java. (The only exception is the fast C parser for the includes.) In addition to checkers, there are 4 basic modules:

  1. C parsing and analysis
  2. Error reporting
  3. GUI
  4. CLI


Currently there are two checkers implemented in Stanse. There is a good infrastructure in place to easily add another checker. More information in the API documentation.


  • Uses state automata to decribe errorneous behaviour.
  • Multiple automata can be run in parallel.
  • Automata are specified using readable XML files.
  • Great variability due to using patterns on the AST structure.


  • Finds a locking discipline violation among all created threads.
  • Uses patterns on the AST specified by XML as well.

C parsing and analysis

  • ANTLRv3 is the underlying parser generator.
  • Internally the code is represented as an XML-encoded AST.
  • Control-flow graphs, call graphs and variable tables are available to checkers.
  • Code is preprocessed using cpp.
  • Leading includes are stripped from the code and fast C parser is used to extract the relevant information from these includes.