cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord Class Reference

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Package Functions

 PerfRecord (final int numItems, final double sum, final double min, final double max, final double average, final double median)
int getNumItems ()
double getSum ()
double getMin ()
double getMax ()
double getAverage ()
double getMedian ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::PerfRecord ( final int  numItems,
final double  sum,
final double  min,
final double  max,
final double  average,
final double  median 
) [inline, package]

Member Function Documentation

int cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::getNumItems (  )  [inline, package]

double cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::getSum (  )  [inline, package]

double cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::getMin (  )  [inline, package]

double cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::getMax (  )  [inline, package]

double cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::getAverage (  )  [inline, package]

double cz::muni::stanse::statistics::PerfRecord::getMedian (  )  [inline, package]

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