cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C >, including all inherited members.

arePartsEqual(A one, A two)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline, package, static]
equals(final Object obj)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
getFirst()cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
getSecond()cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
getThird()cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
hashCode()cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
isEqualWith(final Triple< A, B, C > other)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
make(final A a, final B b, final C c)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline, static]
setFirst(final A value)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
setSecond(final B value)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
setThird(final C value)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]
Triple(final A first, final B second, final C third)cz::muni::stanse::utils::Triple< A, B, C > [inline]

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