There is not a single document describing Stanse. Of course, most information can be gleaned from the commented source code, specifically the generated Doxygen documentation.

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Running Stanse

java -jar /path/to/stanse.jar

GNU C (at least version 4.0) and Perl 5 are required.

There are two basic concepts which need to be configured: the input files which are to be checked, and the checkers which are to be used.


Input source files which are to be checked can be specified in multiple ways. These are enumerated below.

Specified files
The basic method. You specify the files to be checked by enumerating them on the command line or by opening the files in GUI.
You specify the directory to be checked. The directory is searched for source files and all found files are then checked. The default file mask is "*.c". Note that files are not properly preprocessed if the CC command line you use contains any -I -D or similar.
Directory (recursive)
As for previous, but the directory is searched recursively.
Batch execution
Files to be checked are specified in a text file (called jobfile), one file per line. Jobfiles can be used also in advanced mode, which is described in its own section.
Specified Makefile is run, but calls to CC are replaced by calls to a special script stcc. This script in turn generates a jobfile containing all files on which the given Makefile calls the compiler during build. The jobfile also contains all parameters and options passed to the compiler.


You can specify one or more checkers, all of which must be known to Stanse (a.k.a. registered with Stanse). Only one configuration file can be associated with each checker. These are files whose contents is dictated by the repective checkers. Currently there are two checkers registered with Stanse by default, namely AutomatonChecker and ThreadChecker.


Enabled by passing the -g (or --gui) parameter to Stanse. The GUI is self-explanatory and contains an interface for examining found errors. Source files/checkers specified on the command line are passed on to GUI.

Generated documentation

The full Doxygen-generated documentation is available at