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Public Member Functions

abstract String getName ()
 Forces all the children to define name of the checker.
abstract CheckingResult check (final LazyInternalStructures internals, final CheckerErrorReceiver errReciver, final CheckerProgressMonitor monitor) throws CheckerException
String toString ()
 Implements standard string conversion method.

Member Function Documentation

abstract String cz::muni::stanse::checker::Checker::getName (  )  [pure virtual]

abstract CheckingResult cz::muni::stanse::checker::Checker::check ( final LazyInternalStructures  internals,
final CheckerErrorReceiver  errReciver,
final CheckerProgressMonitor  monitor 
) throws CheckerException [pure virtual]

String cz::muni::stanse::checker::Checker::toString (  )  [inline]

Implements standard string conversion method.

String description of the checker.
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