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Public Member Functions

CFGNode getStartNode ()
void setStartNode (CFGNode n)
CFGNode getEndNode ()
void setEndNode (CFGNode n)
boolean isEmpty ()
void append (CFGPart g)
void append (CFGNode n)
Set< CFGNodegetAllNodesReverse ()
void drop ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
int hashCode ()
String toString ()
String toStringGraph ()
 Converts CFGPart to a string representation.
String toDot ()
 Converts CFGPart to a dot graph representation.

Protected Member Functions

Set< CFGNodegetAllNodes ()
Set< CFGNodegetAllNodesOpt ()

Detailed Description

Represents a control-flow graph of a procedure

Member Function Documentation

CFGNode cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::getStartNode (  )  [inline]

Returns start of the CFG

start node

void cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::setStartNode ( CFGNode  n  )  [inline]

Sets start of the CFG

n start node

CFGNode cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::getEndNode (  )  [inline]

Returns end of the CFG

end node

void cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::setEndNode ( CFGNode  n  )  [inline]

Sets end of the CFG

n end node

boolean cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::isEmpty (  )  [inline]

void cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::append ( CFGPart  g  )  [inline]

Appends one CFG to the another

g a CFG to append at the end of this instance

void cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::append ( CFGNode  n  )  [inline]

Appends one CFGNode to the CFG

n a CFGNode to append at the end of this CFG

Set<CFGNode> cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::getAllNodes (  )  [inline, protected]

Returns all nodes in this CFG

list of all nodes

Set<CFGNode> cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::getAllNodesOpt (  )  [inline, protected]

Returns all nodes in this CFG including optimized ones

list of all nodes

Set<CFGNode> cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::getAllNodesReverse (  )  [inline]

void cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::drop (  )  [inline]

boolean cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::equals ( Object  obj  )  [inline]

int cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::hashCode (  )  [inline]

String cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::toString (  )  [inline]

String cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::toStringGraph (  )  [inline]

Converts CFGPart to a string representation.

Useful for dumping to logs or console.

string representation

String cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::CFGPart::toDot (  )  [inline]

Converts CFGPart to a dot graph representation.

Useful for dumping cfgs to a file and generating e.g. PostScript from it. See Graphviz software.

dot representation stored in a string

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