cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::traversal::CFGvisitor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::traversal::CFGvisitor:

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Public Member Functions

abstract boolean visit (CFGNode node, Element element)

Protected Member Functions

boolean forceEnd ()

Package Functions

boolean visitInternal (final CFGNode node, Element element)

Member Function Documentation

abstract boolean cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::traversal::CFGvisitor::visit ( CFGNode  node,
Element  element 
) [pure virtual]

boolean cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::traversal::CFGvisitor::forceEnd (  )  [inline, protected]

boolean cz::muni::stanse::codestructures::traversal::CFGvisitor::visitInternal ( final CFGNode  node,
Element  element 
) [inline, package]

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