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Public Member Functions

 CUnit (String jobEntry)
void parse () throws ParserException
synchronized void drop ()

Detailed Description

Holds all the code-related data for C compilation units (files).

Currently based on the ANTLR parser, working in three steps.

1. parse C and create an AST (GNUCa.g) 2. parse AST and generate an XML representation of the AST (XMLEmitter.g) 3. parse AST and generate its CFG, with pointers to the relevant XML nodes (CFGEmitter.g)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cz::muni::stanse::cparser::CUnit::CUnit ( String  jobEntry  )  [inline]

Constructor with flags parameter

jobEntry string in format TODO

Member Function Documentation

void cz::muni::stanse::cparser::CUnit::parse (  )  throws ParserException [inline, virtual]

synchronized void cz::muni::stanse::cparser::CUnit::drop (  )  [inline]

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