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Public Member Functions

 SpinLock (String name)
String getName ()
Integer getNodeNumber ()
void setNodeNumber (Integer nodeID)
int getState ()
void setState (int lockState)
int joinLocks (Lock obj)
String toString ()
SpinLock clone ()
boolean lockUp ()
boolean lockDown ()
boolean equals (Object obj)
int hashCode ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::SpinLock ( String  name  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

String cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::getName (  )  [inline]

Integer cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::getNodeNumber (  )  [inline]

void cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::setNodeNumber ( Integer  nodeID  )  [inline]

int cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::getState (  )  [inline]

void cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::setState ( int  lockState  )  [inline]

int cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::joinLocks ( Lock  obj  )  [inline]

String cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::toString (  )  [inline]

SpinLock cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::clone (  )  [inline]

boolean cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::lockUp (  )  [inline]

Method increments value state and return proper value.

true whether before calling this method was semaphore unlocked and now is locked.

Implements cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::Lock.

boolean cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::lockDown (  )  [inline]

Method decrements value state and return proper value.

true whether before calling this method was semaphore locked and now is unlocked.

Implements cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::Lock.

boolean cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::equals ( Object  obj  )  [inline]

Function returns true if LockName is equal, because its unique and also checks number of locking.

obj Object to equal
true if locks are equal, false otherwise

int cz::muni::stanse::threadchecker::locks::SpinLock::hashCode (  )  [inline]

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